Version 1.2.0:
	Modified the safe filter to use a translation table.
	Modified the safe filter fallback (previous functionality) to operate
		without any special behavior.  The wipeup filter now picks up
		where the safe filter left off.
	Fixed the default permissions on install (files are 644 now).
	Updated libpopt support to work on Linux under the PowerPC platform
		(chars are unsigned by default).
	Included the generated lex and yacc files in the default package.
	Added additional logic to allow files on case insensitive filesystems
		to have their case changed.
	Added the ability to set locale specific translations in the
		translation tables.
	Added German specific translations to the translation tables.
	Added the ability to ignore specific files.
		[ tracker #1253826]
	Fixed a bug where directories specified on the command line wouldn't
		get translated. [ tracker #1213623]
	Added support for translating large files.
		[ tracker #1509493]
	Added inline-detox for stream based detoxification.

Version 1.1.1:
	Modified Makefile to support parallel builds.
	Added ${DESTDIR} to install paths, for Gentoo package builds.
	Modified the install script to not overwrite existing configuration
		files or translation tables.
	Modified the install script to install the config file and translation
		tables as ".sample" as well as the working version, for all
		users, but in particular, to make patching the Makefile easier
		for the FreeBSD port.

Version 1.1.0:
	Added lowercase filter.
	Added libpopt support to facilitate long options on Darwin or
	Fixed some compiler gripes with lex/yacc.
	Replaced the hardcoded -ll in with @LEXLIB@.

Version 1.0.0:
	Added a new filter for translating UTF-8 encoded Unicode characters.
	Added handling of configuration files for controlling what sequence
		filters are run in.
	Added handling of loadable translation tables, so the user can control
		how the ISO 8859-1 and Unicode filters operate.
	Added a new filter for trimming based on the max length.
	Added command line options: 
		-f	set config file
		-L	list sequences
		-n	the same as --dry-run
		-s	set sequence
	Added handling for an environmental variable DETOX_SEQUENCE, which
		sets the default sequence name.
	Translation of some Icelandic characters has changed.  0xd0, 0xde,
		0xf0, 0xfe, the Icelandic characters for "Eth" and "Thorn" have
		been changed from "D", "Y", "o", "y" to "TH" and "th".
	Fixed translation of 0xfc (u), 0xfd (y) and 0xff (y).
	Added .depend generation to the Makefile.
	Created more man pages (detoxrc.5 and detox.tbl.5).

Version 0.9.1:
	Added -d flag to install 
	Broke installation out into a script to handle differences between
		Solaris and BSD/Linux.
	Added function check for getopt_long.

Version 0.9.0:
	Initial release